LED energy-saving lamps

LED energy-saving lamps in use for several decades compared to standard incandescent usually can reduce energy consumption by about 75%, but also often said that many of the energy saving problem solve. From the evaluation point of view of the United States, "Consumer Reports" (CR), the high price of LED energy-saving lamps, and the poor performance of part of the product. CFL energy saving lamps, LED energy-saving lamps in the low-temperature state can immediately brighten the continuous switch will not affect its performance. The all LED energy-saving lamps in the evaluation of the consecutive switch about 20 million times the performance were not affected. Another advantage of this energy-saving lamps is: do not use mercury, reducing the problem of cleaning up after the crushing. Despite last year's prices fell by about 20%, but the evaluation of the number of LED energy-saving lamps at a discount price is still 25? $ 60. Many industry experts predict that the 60-watt replacement lamps in the next 2-3 years, the price will drop to $ 10 or less. Compared with incandescent lamps, calculated in accordance with the $ 25 per lamp, the best LED energy-saving lights in its 23-year life of the process can save the cost of $ 130. Evaluation of 50 models of energy-saving lamps products. Evaluation results show that, although part of the product's poor performance, there are some inexpensive products in the energy-saving lamps CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) LED (light emitting diode) energy-saving lamps. However, overall score LED energy-saving lamps are still higher than the CFL energy saving lamps. . Described above advantages of LED energy-saving lamps, consumers can consider whether it is worth buying. If you think the prices higher and not worth buying, there are many inexpensive CFL energy saving lamps CR this evaluation, but also can save about $ 60. In addition, there are a number of CFL energy saving lamps suitable for special applications, such as a chandelier, three lights and a 100-watt replacement lamps.